Blog from phone


Blogging from the phone.  Concept not bad but Eris suxx.
Figured out that Eris freezes when taking a photo only if auto focus is on. Can use off or touch. Stupid. Anyway it’s been a pain to find that out but now it werx.
Android good, Eris bad.

Now off to try Android

(it’s a close-up of a led flashlight btw. ) has babies

Well let’s see… been an eventful week web-wise.

Lots of bts domain and host transfers with, pretty much redid the wordpress install (much cleaner) didn’t loose much in the process, just a few links I had to redo.

got this page this week, just thought of the Shadow-funkboxing bit. Sounded cool for a minute. I don’t know, sort of works so I think I’ll stick with it. It’s not really a shadow, just another place I can post crap, and this one will be less Blender related and more just what’s on my noodle.

Speaking of what’s on my noodle. What’s usually on my noodle is space. So I made forum – Radical ideas for human space exploration. Pretty simple to setup, used SimpleMachinesForums, which is awesome. No users but me yet- not sure how to attract folks to a forum so we’ll see.

Anyway- that’s the scoop- a little funkboxing jr. (hmmm, maybe I should… nah, stick with shadow), and a It just happened.